Renesse is a ‘ringdorp’ (a form of circular village) built around the gothic Jacobuskerk (Jacobus church). It is very attractive to tourists because it is ideal for family holidays. The coastal town has various beaches, terraces, shops and entertainment options. At the ‘Transferium’ located on the outskirts of the village you can park your car for free and then travel between 15th May and 15th September easily and for free by bus to the nearby villages and campsites.

The sandy Renesse beach is approximately 17 km long and is located next to the Westerschouwen forest. The Renesse beaches have repeatedly won awards for being so clean. They are divided into family beaches, water sports beaches and nature beaches. Seals can regularly be seen on the sandbanks off the coast of Renesse. The number of seals in Zeeland waters has been increasing lately.
One popular event in Renesse is, for example, the ‘Fjoertoer’, an annual event where an evening walk is made over the beach and through the woods, passing various illuminated objects. The annual ‘Straô’ is also a special event where a colourful parade of decorated horses moves through the village to the beach to where the horses’ feet are washed in the sea. The Renesse fair should not be missed, and takes place every year around the church. This event is still held around 25th July, the ‘name day’ of Jacobus.

In the summer season especially there are many events organised in Renesse.


Renesse is situated on the most northerly island of Zeeland: Schouwen-Duiveland, also known as the ‘Crown of Zeeland’. Schouwen-Duiveland is synonymous with kilometres of beaches bordering untouched dune areas. A beautiful area to explore on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or by boat. Renesse is home to one of the beaches with the cleanest seawater on the Dutch coast. A charming environment to visit during both the winter and summer months.

Schouwen-Duiveland is surrounded by the North Sea, Oosterschelde National Park and the Grevelingen and is therefore inextricably linked to the sea. This can also be seen throughout history at, for example, the Watersnoodmuseum and the Oosterscheldekering. Here, a bridge is literally created between the past and the present. The water offers plenty of entertainment in addition to excitement. The island is particularly popular because of the wide range of water sports available, but also because of the beautiful dune areas where bird lovers, hikers, cyclists and other athletes can thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Schouwen-Duiveland appears in the top 10 list of Dutch heritage areas and is certainly worth exploring.



Extensive nature, heritage towns, the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands, a rich country life, picturesque villages, a fascinating history, the tastiest shellfish and a host of fun (water) attractions. This is Zeeland! This province has the most hours of sun in the Netherlands and is therefore perfect to visit as a holiday destination.

Wind blowing through your hair on a bike, walking or on a surfboard. Discover Zeeland in your own special way. A pleasant sea breeze makes the summers sultry and the winters soft and the hundreds of kilometres of coast provide for a unique experience.

Look for refuge in the Zeeland hinterland or visit the flower dikes in the Zak van Zuid-Beveland, best seen in spring and early summer. Various routes take you to hidden villages such as Nisse, where you will still find elements that remind of times gone by, such as the ‘vaete’ (water hole). Also highly recommended: take a tour with a guide through the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe, the largest salt marsh area in Europe.

Would you prefer to visit a city? The capital of Zeeland (Middelburg) has more monuments per square metre than Amsterdam and you will find boutique stores alongside the famous retail chains. ‘Ganzenstad’ Goes is a good place to wander or alternatively shop in the Burgundian atmosphere of Zeeland-Flemish ‘Slûûs’

The seven Michelin star restaurants are evidence that Zeeland is also a great culinary destination. Would you prefer a good pot of Zeeuwse mussels? These can be found almost everywhere throughout the entire province, for example at Neeltje Jans. Here you will also find the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, where you can read about, see and experience everything to do with the Delta Works. The highlight of Zeeland is a visit to the Oosterscheldekering. This is not called the eighth wonder of the world for nothing.
In short, there is an endless amount to see and do, a holiday destination where you and the whole family can have fun for several weeks. Enjoy the outdoors during your holiday!